DNA Based Nutrition Consulting Services

I am a first responder for first responders!The problem is that most first responders spend all of their lives taking care of others first and one day they realize they have been so busy taking care of others that:• They are overweight,
• Their body is no longer recognizable to them,
• They are unable to fit into their “nice clothes,”
• They are lacking the energy they once took for granted,
• They are not able to perform at work like they used to be able to, and
• They notice that happening in the bedroom as well.I help them gain control of their weight and body, regain the energy they once had, fit into their clothes like they used to and perform at the very top level everywhere.No more looking in the mirror wondering what happened
No more making excuses to not go out because none of your clothes fit anymore
No more feeling like a stranger in your own body
No more running out of fuel in the middle of your workday
No more lack of energy or relying on energy drinks that you know are damaging more than helping
No more performance anxiety in the bedroom

How it works is that instead of killing yourself at gym and depriving yourself of foods you love, I show you how you can eat more food than you ever thought was possible and get your life back!
I only work with public service professionals who realize they need to change, are ready to change NOW, and ask for my help to change so that they can take control of their overall health and lifestyle.This program is not for everyone and I am very selective of who I work with. If you are interested in learning more please book a complimentary nutrition session:https://calendly.com/tfnutrition/complimentary-nutrition-session