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  • Firefighters: Why are YOU not taking care of yourself?
    Every day in the United States firefighters go from call to call. Every day we see some type of media coverage on the news about how a firefighter did something negative or positive (in the eyes of the media). Firefighters put themselves in harm's way in many different ways.¬† Some end up being hit by … Read more
  • Nutrition Struggles of the Public Safety Professional
    As a public safety professional, more often than not, it becomes challenging to follow standard meal times or proportions. Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTs, and Police officers ¬†simply do not know when their next emergency call is going to come and you always have to be prepared for your shift or end up starving for many hours. … Read more
  • DNA Based Meal Plans for the Public Safety Professional
    By Tom Ferry If you are a professional in the public service sector, like firefighters, police officers or EMTs, your work is always challenging and you are always on the go, leaving you with little time to think about your health and weight loss. Thus, having a personalized meal plan may work for you as … Read more
  • First Responder Nutrition
    We are first responders for public safety professionals. We help public safety professionals transform their lives through DNA Based Custom nutrition plans.We work with you to achieve the life that you have always wanted.Available by appointment only. 956-524-3890 or visit facebook.com/tfnutrition