DNA Based Meal Plans for the Public Safety Professional

By Tom Ferry

If you are a professional in the public service sector, like firefighters, police officers or EMTs, your work is always challenging and you are always on the go, leaving you with little time to think about your health and weight loss. Thus, having a personalized meal plan may work for you as it will aid you in your weight loss efforts considerably. The most recent breakthrough in the health industry is the discovery by scientists and nutritionists that every individual reacts to macronutrients differently based on the individual’s genetic disposition and it is now possible to get meal plans customized for you according to your DNA .

All that’s required is a simple cheek swab. Your DNA is then analyzed and you will be given phenotypes such as what kind of exercises you should be doing and what food you should not be eating to lose weight, all based on your DNA results. In this article, we will be focusing more on the meal planning side of things.

So, how does this lifestyle transformation work? DNA analysis will allow the nutritionist to identify any sensitivities that you have and eliminate those from your meal plans, for instance some people may be lactose intolerant while for others, a gluten free meal plan may suit them better. The same DNA analysis will also be able to identify the risk of weight gain and what are the contributing factors so you know what to look out for and what are some adjustments you need to make to your lifestyle.  

Of course, the above is just a simplistic view of how public service professionals can benefit from a DNA based custom meal plan. There are too many variables at stake since everyone’s body is different. So, it will be wise to get proper nutrition consulting before choosing the right meal plan that works for you.

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