We are first responders for first responders!

The problem is that first responders get so busy taking care of others they often forget about taking care of themselves.

They end up struggling with:

  • Lack of Energy
  • Can’t fit into their nice clothes
  • Their uniform pants don’t fit anymore
  • They have gained so much weight they can’t perform at work
  • They notice that happening in the bedroom also.

 For firefighters 54% of LODD are caused by medical/exertion issues. If you don’t start focusing on yourself soon you will end up further suffering from lack of energy to the point where it will affect your family life, career, health, and many other aspects of your life.

. You will not be able to chase your children around the yard and just think what effect that may have on them. You may need to further ask your chief for new uniforms because they don’t fit anymore. Even worse have to have your uniforms special ordered because they don’t have your size.

We help public safety professionals transform so that they no longer suffer with these issues. We do this through both custom nutrition plans (based on lean body mass and frequency/duration of activity) and we also offer DNA based custom nutrition plans to pinpoint exactly how to help you transform.

We work with you to achieve the life that you have always wanted however, we don’t work with everyone. You must be motivated, willing to change, and willing to be coached. We offer virtual and in person sessions. Which means we can work with you anywhere in the country.

We serve clients virtually and in person. Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Police officers and Military are all welcome!

Total Peace of Mind With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and book your free sessions now. Follow every part of the plan, attend every follow up session (including doing your meal diary and showing it at every session) and use every resource included. If you do all of the above and don’t see any results at the END of your package we WILL refund your payment.